January 28, 2009

Babydoll top

This sweet looking babydoll top with small roses pattern,
can become a dress for the petites, or just wear it with shorts.
Material is cotton, light and airy, a must wear for those warm humid nights out at mamak's or night stalls, weekends strolls at the beach. Topped with laced on the front area. So sweet...!

Roses pattern colour available: Pink (1), Purple (1)

Size: S-M

Price: 38

Available to pre-order

January 18, 2009

Laced Kimono-Obi belt inspired

This is a very lovely chiffon laced kimono. The chiffon material feels very soft and it's quite sheer for the lighter colour version. It looks slightly crumpled because of the chiffon material.

Available colour: Black (1), white (1)sold, pink(1)

Size: S-M

Price: RM 45

Available to Pre-order

December 21, 2008


I will also take special orders if you are looking for a particular item. I will try my best to look around if I can get any.

This also includes clothing, accessories, jewelries, shoes and handbags

Welcoming 2009!

As I am counting down for the year 2009, I realized that I have yet to realize another vision of mine. I like to call it my vision instead of my dream because someone once told me, that if we dream, it is only wishful thinking. On the contrary, vision is something that you have already envisioned your self doing it in future and believe it. A small step will make all the difference on how you take charge of your life.

The reason I choose fashion because I realized I need to revamp my style and image as I make my transition to the working world and womanhood. Like Britney used to say, "I am not a girl, not yet a woman.." ( so cliche'! ) I was a simple and casual person (basically, fashion is last in my list of priorities) and this 2009 I would like to add my personal style with a little bit of fabulousity into it. Like other girls, all of us wants to feel great and fabulous in the items we wear isn't? A little bit attention from the onlookers, would boost a little bit of that self esteem and gain the confidence we need, to re-assure us that we are beautiful person (it is a sad fact, I know). Nevertheless, that confidence level will makes us smile, not only from the outside but also from the heart.

So, right now, not only you can join me on my journey of soul-searching but you can also shop here for any items you're interested on. If you feel that item will look fabulous on you, why not, spare some money to boost that self-esteem and feel good about it. Priceless! Never look back! Hang on ladies, we are about to go for a roller-coster fashion extreme ride!